About us

Location Guide Greater Region:
The database of film motifs of the Saarland, Luxembourg, Lorraine, the Eifel and the German-speaking Community of Belgium

The Location Guide Greater Region is a joint database of film motifs by the Saarland Medien GmbH, the Landesmedienanstalt Saarland, the FilmFund Luxembourg and the Media Center of the German-speaking Community of Belgium. Here, filmmakers can quickly and uncomplicatedly gain an overview of the diversity of locations in the Saarland, Luxembourg, the German-speaking Community of Belgium, Lorraine and the Eifel. In addition, the Location Guide also offers many other advantages:

  • free access to a unique variety of motifs of different cultural and national characteristics
  • planning and organization of location tours
  • a tight, cross-border partner network without language barriers
  • facilitated contact with funding institutions and public institutions of the partner regions
  • assistance with licensing procedures and preparations for production.


The Location Guide was founded in 2007 as the "Location Guide SaarLorraine" and was supported by Interreg III & IV around the partner regions Luxembourg, the German-speaking Communitay of Belgium and the Eifel. Together with its sister project ProductionGuide Greater Region, it provides easy access to the film industry of the Greater Region and forms the basis for the good cooperation between the film-relevant public institutions within the partner regions.