Das neue Rathaus der Kreisstadt St. Wendel ist ein modernes Dienstleistungszentrum mitten in der historischen Altstadt von St. Wendel und gleichzeitig das zentrale Servicezentrum für die Bürgerinnen und Bürger.

New multi-party office building with 4 storeys. Steel and glass facade with open wood staircase facing east.The GIU (society for innovation and corporate development) is located on the top floor.

via a tunnel, the five-storey Innenstag Saarbrücken office building is connected to the new Cosmos Direkt offices, located in an eight-storey tower building.

since 1889, the district of Ottweiler owns the residential palace which, today, houses the district administrator´s office of the district of Neunkirchen.

new multi-party office building with 7 storeys. Block-shaped construction covered with metal netting which permits LED lighting with colour effects during nighttime.

The historic building is located on the market square of the district principal town of Homburg.

The Kreisständehaus is a Prussian administration building of the Wilhelmine era with modern new office building.

Hiistoric service building on the "Schlossplatz" in the city of St. Wendel.

beside the obligatory garages, changing rooms, training classrooms and workshops, this fire brigade station, a functional concrete construction, also disposes of a respiratory protection training f