Art / Culture

situated in the east of the old town, Place Saint-Louis is one of the most remarkable public squares in Metz and a very popular tourist destination.

The building was built between 1738 and 1752 in a calssical style and with a tuscan influence by Jaques Oger from Metz.

Situated on the Kirchberg Plateau, Luxembourg`s Museum of Modern Art, the Musée d`Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (or MUDAM for short) is a gem of contemporary design, conceived by the famous architect

In 1880, the steelworks of Port Sec and Prieuré united to form the Société des Aciéries de Longwy.

this former railway storage building with 1800 m² usable floor space was transformed into a training centre and is now being used as a cultural centre.

as its name suggests, the small theatre is situated in the basement of Saarbrücken´s neo-Gothic City Hall (also featured in the Location Guide).

Kino 8 ½ is a charming independent art house movie theatre. Here, shows are not anonymous mass events, but rather intimate experiences that bring film fans together.

This noteworthy 1950s movie theatre has been preserved almost entirely in its original state.

residing in a building formerly occupied by the local health insurance administration, the youth centre on Försterstraße is among the first to have been opened more than a quarter century ago in th

the building, which is situated above a historic salt well, is being used as a theatre and culture centre. Auditorium with stage and balcony, several adjoining rooms.