the salon which specialises in men and women hairstyling is located on the ground floor of a 1950s building. By means of a wall breakthrough, the two main rooms of the salon have been connected.

Building company (civil and structural engineering). Storage depot (600 sqm) with indoor crane and vehicle pit. Offices on the first floor.

The building, which used to be the headquarters of a bank, today houses a computing centre and business offices. Spectacular modern, daring architecture with lots of angles and slants.

in 1890, the brothers Stumm, who already possessed a number of plants in the Saar region, founded the Uckange metallurgical plant with four blast furnaces.

Plant nursery with own cultivation and horticulture.

The rail repair works AW Hallen was built in 1906 and once served as principal maintenance and repair shop for the Royal Prussian Railway.

this wreck yard is situated next to the former Schleifmühle train station, at the edge of a forest. The fenced in and locked up terrain spans over 5.000 m². Two-storey factory hall, spare parts inventory, office, break room, bathroom. Dismantling hall with two scissor lifts, garage, storage racks for motors. Pallet cages and containers for separating recyclable materials.

Self-serve car wash located at the end of a cul-de-sac road in an industrial park in the small suburb of Herforst. The low-rise flat roof multi-bay building stands on asphalt ground. There is also a small separate repair shed. Overall, a very rural location with the industrial park, small businesses and woodland in the background.

Former turning shop and metal workshop. Old skeleton-frame construction, infill covered with tiles. Inside the building, the metal roof beam construction is visible.

Vacant two storey industrial building of 750 m². Two large roller shutter doors for HGV access on the ground floor. Seven metre high floor-to-ceiling pillars every four metres. Different sized rooms (200 m² / 30 m²) on the first floor. No support columns on the second floor (room size: 750 m², ceiling height: 2,5 m). Great view of the city of Nancy.