St. Michael´s Catholic Church in Saarbrücken



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built in 1923/24, the church´s peculiar architectural style obscures its actual age, making St. Michael´s appear to be older than it really is. The construction design emerged from a nationwide contest, issued by the St. Johann Basilica Parish in 1912. Especially remarkable are the two towers, 47 metres in height, lending the church an imposing quality. With a capacity of 1000 people, St. Michael´s is the largest church in Saarbrücken and often proudly called the city´s cathedral (Saarbrücker Dom) by the locals. The dimly lit interior reveals an exceptional floor plan: the pews have been arranged in the crossing, in an elliptical shape around the chancel altar, where the Lord´s Supper is celebrated, and the ambo, from which the Word of God is proclaimed. The free space remaining in the middle can be used according to the occasion

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perron leading from Schumannstraße to the porch, community centre and administration, Echelmeyer Park (with old tree population), former chapel of rest, vocational training centre
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available (220 V)
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Steffen Conrad